Mila Golubov 
Snapple had just released a new beverage that was half tea and half lemonade and wanted to prove that both sides were equally delicious. There was only one problem: a spot was released with two hashtags and no activation plan. How could we turn a hashtag competition into a reunion?

The Half n' HalF Hash-Out was born.

Site Experience
The experience was simple when the meter becomes equal, everybody wins. On site, users could tweet or post their vote for their favorite side and watch sumo wrestlers duke it out live.

Social Activation:
The catch? Only when the Snapple meter reached a 50/50 split would the sumo wrestlers hug it out and prizes be released for all. To win you had to rally the other side.

The Roundup
The tweets helped sell half and half to both sides of the taste aisle and got one of our community managers to roll around in a sumo suit. Win. Win.