To introduce their new ‘be your way’ branding Burger King set up shop at San Francisco Pride and served a rainbow wrapped whopper.

A video documented people pondering what made this burger different and unwrapping the messaging inside: we’re all the same inside.

We were tasked with turning this one provocative video into a social program. And what did the public have to say?

The reactions were a mixed bag: positive, negative and somewhere in between. And we decided to respond to views from all sides in real time with a wrapped creation of their own.

To do this, We partnered with an origami artist for two days and created over 50 custom-wrapped responses for influencers, journalists, fans and even a few critics.

Whether it was a heart gif for someone who loved the video or an origami question mark for the unsure among our fans, each wrapped creation sparked conversation, fueled debates and rewarded followers for staying true to their opinions.